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Estate Planning Doesn’t Have to Be Depressing

The law offices of Kenneth W. Martin have guided countless individuals and families through the processes of drafting a will and/ or estate planning. Although many people probably don’t think they own enough property of value to constitute an estate, the term estate planning is simply defined as the legal process of putting your affairs in order so your family’s best interests are looked after upon your death. This doesn’t have to be a depressing or melodramatic process. If you view it from the perspective that you want to protect your family once you’re no longer around to do so in person, you will find the process is actually quite rewarding and you may experience a sense of accomplishment once it’s over.

Powers of Attorney & Wills Give Guidance from Beyond the Grave

We have extensive experience with wills and powers of attorney. By drafting out legal documents that specify the type of medical treatment you wish to have in an end-of-life scenario, your loved ones can ensure that your final wishes are respected. Having a will already in place also sets out the guidelines for dividing your assets after you are gone, so your loved ones aren’t subjected to as many disagreements. Don’t leave your final days up to chance or force your loved ones to make painful choices – give them your guidance in the form of legal consent.

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