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Real Estate Transactions Made Easier

Whether you’re buying or selling property, the law offices of Kenneth W. Martin provide legal assistance with real estate transactions throughout the Moncton area. It’s imperative that you never make or accept an offer without first having a professional review over the legal documents involved in the transaction. A lawyer can ensure your rights have been protected and the transaction terms have all been clearly defined. We will help you understand your purchaser’s agreements, preparing and registering all necessary legal documents on your behalf.

Clarify Your Mortgage’s Terms

Because mortgages can sometimes be difficult documents to understand, our team can work with you to clarify the specified terms and if necessary, we can ask your bank to modify those terms. We also ensure there aren’t any liens on the property and arrange any documents for the title that you will be required to sign. If you’re the seller, we can help you prepare your deed and modify any issues that may come up when arranging for a title transfer. We also provide assistance to individuals and lenders with refinancing mortgage loans in a smooth transaction, so our clients can obtain a lower interest rate or consolidate their debt.

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